Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Support Services

 Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are the largest source of employment across the world. Papua New Guinea (PNG) released a new SME Policy with the fundamental aim of promoting and driving inclusive economic growth through employment and wealth creation. 

In support of SMEs especially those outside of main centers who want to register a Business Name/ Company we extend our services as:


1.  Services


Services/Items Approximate Time Taken to be Effective/Process
Business Name Registration 1 Day
Company Registration + Name Reservation 5 Days
IRC TIN 5 Days
Company Logo 5 Days
TIN Reprint 5 Days
Company/Business Details Change 3 Days
Common Seal / Stamp 2 days
Domain Registration + Email Configuration 1 day
Website Design Varies
Tax Returns (GST,SWT, CIT/PIT Annual Returns  Varies


2.  Training


Microsoft Office Training (Excel, Access, Word, PowerPoint) 2 Days (Minimum 5 people)
Basic Book Keeping 5 days


3.  Software


  1. MYOB
  3. MS Office


4.  Our Agents


Province Agents Name Location/Address Phone/Whatsapp Email




Investment Promotion Authority Forms




  1. Application to Register a Company – Form 1
  2. Consent of Director of Proposed Company – Form 2
  3. Consent of Secretary of Proposed Company – Form 3
  4. Consent of Shareholder of Proposed Company – Form 4
  5. Application for Reservation of Company Name – Form 6
  6. Application to Change Name of Company- Form 7
  7. Notice of Adoption, Alteration or Revocation of Constitution- Form 9
  8. Notice of Issue of Shares- Form 10
  9. Notice of shareholder approval of issue of shares – Form 10a
  10. Notice of Redemption or Acquisition of shares by company Form 11
  11. Notice of failure to redeem shares on fixed date – Form 12
  12. Notice of Change of Shareholders Form 13
  13. Notice of location or change in location of share register of listed company divided into two or more registers Form 14
  14. Consent and Certificate of Director (Existing company) Form 15
  15. Notice of change of Directors and Particulars of Directors Form 16
  16. Notice of Change of Registered Office Form 17
  17. Notice of location of records not kept at registered office Form 18
  18. Notice of Change of Address of Service Form 19
  19. Consent of Secretary (Existing company) Form 20
  20. Notice of Appointment of Change of Secretaries of particulars of Secretaries Form 21
  21. Annual Return Form 22
  22. Notice of Shareholding in Company- Form 23
  23. Notice for Registration of Charge- Form 24
  24. Application for registration of amalgamation proposal – Form 33
  25. Notice of result of creditors’ vote- Form 35
  26. Notice of appointment of receiver – Form 36
  27. First report of receiver – Form 36a
  28. Six months report of receiver – Form 36b
  29. Notice of resignation or disqualification of receiver – Form 37
  30. Notice of end of receivership – Form 38
  31. Notice of appointment of liquidator – Form 39
  32. Notice to creditors and shareholders – Form 40
  33. First report of liquidator – Form 40a
  34. Six months report of liquidator – Form 40b
  35. Notice of resignation or disqualification of liquidator – Form 41
  36. Creditor’s statutory demand – Form 42
  37. Form of claim by unsecured creditor – Form 43
  38. Valuation and claim by secured creditor – Form 44
  39. Request to remove company from the register – Form 45
  40. Application for registration of overseas company – Form 46
  41. Application for reservation of company name by foreign company – Form 46a
  42. Notice of change of name of foreign company – Form 48
  43. Notice of change in constitution of foreign company – Form 49
  44. Notice of change of director or resident agent of foreign company – Form 50
  45. Notice of change in address of principal place of business in Papua New Guinea by foreign company – Form 51
  46. Annual return of foreign companies – Form 52
  47. Notice of cessation of business or deregistration or appointment of liquidator to overseas company – form 53
  48. Application to change balance date or extension of time to prepare financial statements – Form 55
  49. Objection to application to restore a company – Form 57
  50. Notice of Intention to Reinstate a De-registered Company 
  51. Six monthly report of Liquidator  – Coliq Form
  52. Application for Extension of Time and Change of Balance Date
  53. Six monthly report of receiver – Rec Report Form
  54. Application to the Registrar of Companies to Restore a Company Removed from the Register of Registered Companies – RECO2


  1. Notice of Intention to Apply for the Incorporation of an Association- As1
  2. Application for the Incorporation of an Association- As2
  3. Application for Approval to a Change of Name- As4
  4. Notice of Appointment of a Public Officer- As6
  5. Notice of Passing of Special Resolution to which Section 9 Applies-  As7
  6. Association Constitution
  7. Model Constitution



  1. Application for Incorporation of Business Groups – Form A
  2. Application for Variation of Constitution – Form 5
  • Bachelor of IT, Bachelor of Computer Science
  • Recent graduate or 1-2 years experience
  • Major / Interest in Application Dev or programming
  • Must have own accommodation & living in POM now
  • Part-Time job leading to Full-Time


Please include your current CV and reliable phone number and email.


Application strictly by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Application close at 4:06pm on the 30th April 2021. late applications will not be accepted.