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In today’s highly competitive business environment, even one unplanned network failure that results in an extended downtime can be a severe financial hit for your company. If you employ full-time IT staff, you’re limited by their knowledge and capabilities when trouble with your network occurs. Do you ever find yourself wishing there was a simpler, friendlier and more cost-effective way to access managed network services?

The good news is that ESystems has taken the hassle and worry out of IT support. We’re a leading managed network services provider that always operates with a human touch that is focused first and foremost on your company’s needs. That means we never talk down to you or use techno-speak that makes you feel ill-informed.

Unlike with other managed network services companies, when you choose ESystems for your network management services, you get a virtual CIO, access to our team of highly trained IT professionals, live customer service representatives staffing our call lines and our commitment to always address you in plain, straightforward language that makes you feel respected and heard.

In addition, with ESystems managing your network, you can sleep soundly at night knowing that your business will experience less downtime. Moreover, in the event something does go wrong, you’ll have full access to the expertise you need to rectify the situation. The result is more continuity and productivity for your business — and far less worry for you.

How ESystems can Help You

To help you further appreciate what network management services are all about, let’s take closer look at what ESystems can do for you:

  • Infrastructure Setup: Whether you’re considering switching to a cloud-based platform, looking to integrate mobile devices with your desktop hardware or debating which type of network services — such as LAN, WAN, VPN or WiFi — can best handle your data needs, working with an experienced network management services provider like ESystems is essential to assuring that the implementation of your hardware, software and network services goes smoothly. Because we consult with companies on a daily basis about these very topics, we’re up-to-date and ready to supply you with the latest and best options for your company’s unique needs.


  • Network Support: Regardless of the size and scope of your network, you need to be sure it’s well maintained and running smoothly. That’s why, with our On-Guard Services, you can count on proactive network management services that spot problems before they happen and take the necessary precautions, so your uptime is safeguarded. For everything from regular data backups to better spam filtering, working with ESystems is like having a productivity partner — yet without all the responsibilities of a full-time IT staff.
  • Security: Small businesses and certain sectors like manufacturing are no longer safe from cybercrime and malware. In fact, with the rise of smart devices, automation and the Internet of Things (IoT), many companies are now more exposed than ever to hackers and cybercriminals looking for easy targets with large amounts of personal data and/or intellectual property. The best defence is through the type of constant vigilance and high-level expertise that a company like ESystems can provide. With only a couple of on-premise full-time IT employees, you’re limited by their experience and knowledge. In contrast, when you have well over 100 trained and highly experienced cybersecurity professionals on the team that provides your network management services, you’re never without the best advice and timely responses your company needs.

ESystems — Network Management Services Designed Around How You Do Business

At ESystems, we like to say that we’re a superior customer service company that’s also incredibly skilled at providing IT management. That’s why our customers’ needs decide which of our network management services would be the best match.

Along with affordable fixed monthly rates, quick response times and the kind of specialized IT services you’d expect from a top-rated provider, we’ve never lost our ability to make you feel like you’re working with a small company that treats you like an individual. However, we’re also a large IT company with expert talent and substantial experience to deliver what you need.