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(Web, Android & IOS) 


Cross-Platform Application Development

ESystems Limited develops Cross-Platform and Hybrid Applications to help businesses target multiple platforms using the same code base for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. We deliver multi-purpose cross-platform mobile applications using various frameworks, including Flutter, React Native, Xamarin, Appcelerator, PhoneGap, and more.

ESystems develops applications that are built with a robust set of features that are custom-tailored to fit your brand. These scalable, flexible, and interoperable applications can help you run your medical/healthcare business more smoothly and efficiently. 

People’s working hours are no longer 8:00am – 4:00pm, Monday to Friday. They expect to be able to work and access information from a company when they need it from wherever they are; a web application offers companies a flexible, cost-effective way to meet this need. From a streamlined version of an internal system to increasing the efficiency of remote or travelling employees, to an interactive tool to help build brand loyalty with customers; a web application can deliver.


Other web application include:

  • An internal web application to help manage projects & finances;
  • A web application that you can re-sell to a customer – Software-as-a-Service;
  • An application to revolutionize customer service by providing a portal for your customers to access.

We discover everything there is to learn about your business, what a new app needs to deliver and to whom. If you’d like us to, we’ll also suggest a few of our own ideas – we love coming up with fresh solutions that really make the technology work hard.


Will the Cloud Work for My Company's Business Application Needs?

 For Internal Use

  • ERP and project management apps
  • Collaboration apps & intranets
  • Document management apps
  • Employee portals
  • eLearning software
  • Supply chain management web apps
  • Procurement management apps
  • Business intelligence apps
  • Big data solutions

Customer Facing Apps

  • eCommerce web apps
  • Headless commerce
  • Customer portals
  • Self-service portals
  • Patient portals
  • Customer service apps (incl. call center & self-service solutions)
  • Advertising & digital signage apps
  • Online banking, billing, and payment apps
  • Chatbot and AI apps